Emory Johns Creek Replacement Hospital

The Emory Johns Creek Hospital is a 264,000 sq. ft. full-service medical center. HVAC is provided by a chilled water system to 16 air handlers with medium pressure ductwork to 470 terminal boxes with hot water reheat coils. There are two 800 ton centrifugal chillers (with matching cooling towers) providing the chilled water with a separate packaged chiller providing subcooling for the operating rooms. Two 300 HP steam boilers provide the hot water for reheat as well as providing steam for medical and service functions. The boilers also provide the steam for the domestic hot water generators. Boilers are natural gas fired with a backup fuel oil system. The fuel oil system also serves the emergency generator. Sixty-five fans provide make-up, ventilation and exhaust air as required. The system includes humidifiers and final filters as necessary.

The HVAC system has an air side economizer cycle for energy conservation. When outdoor air conditions allow all air handlers to operate without chilled water, the chillers will cycle off. Separate DX systems provide conditioned air to critical spaces (computers, elevator equipment rooms, etc.) when the chillers are cycled off.

Controls are completely automated and all systems can be controlled through a central building automation computer. The project is set to be completed by December 2006.

Location: Duluth, GA

Emory Johns Creek Replacement Hospital building